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Our Lives

Our Lives:  Safe and Strong Program

Do you want to feel safer and more secure in your daily life?

Would you like to learn how to reduce your risk of being exposed to possible harm in various areas of your life?

If you answered, “Yes,” we are excited to tell you we are offering the Our Lives: Safe and Strong Program as part of our services here at Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living. If you join us in the Our Lives Program, you will work in direct one-on-one partnership with a specially trained Our Lives NWVCIL advocate to identify areas of vulnerability you might have in your life now, and to develop safety plans and strategies to reduce your harm profile and increase your ability to live as Safe and Strong as you can.

The “Our Lives: Safe and Strong Program” is a collaborative project with Portland State University. For more information or to enroll with the Morgantown office, please contact Paulette at 304-296-6091. To enroll with the Elkins office, please contact Brenda at 304-636-0143.