The Rachel Maddow Show 6/22/17 Rachel Maddow tells the history of ADAPT and the activism of disabled Americans and points out the leadership role these activists have taken in challenging the Republican plan to take Medicaid away from millions. Duration:…

Op-ed: Capito, most important lawmaker in America

Our U.S. senator, Shelley Moore Capito, is the most important lawmaker in the country right now, as our democracy faces two questions that will define our politics for a generation.

Question 1: Will our government rip medicine from the hands of 20-plus million of its citizens?

Question 2: Who leads the Republican party?

Sen. Capito is in a unique position to answer those questions in the coming days. Her answers will define her legacy.

Capito is West Virginia’s junior senator, but her influence is real. She is a leader on the powerful Appropriations Committee and a member of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s inner circle. She was vetted for the vice presidency and hails from the state where President Donald Trump is most popular. She has spent decades cultivating relationships on both sides of the aisle.

Take Action: Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Justin Dart urged us to get into politics as if our lives depended on it.”  Today, his words were never more true – or important!  The lives and liberty of disabled Americans are on the line as the US Senate considers massive cuts to Medicaid.  Join NCIL in the fight to protect Medicaid and fight for the lives and liberty of disabled Americans across the country!


The US Senate needs to hear from the Disability Community about the dangers of cutting $800 billion from Medicaid.  We need YOU to call Senator Capito.  Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asking the operator to connect you.


Say: “My name is (your full name). I am a constituent of Senator (name). I am disabled and I rely on Medicaid to live independently in my community. I am calling to ask Senator (name) to vote NO on any legislation that will cap and cut Medicaid and put healthcare out of reach for millions of Americans, including the upcoming ACA repeal bill. Senator (name) has a responsibility to fight for their constituents, and that includes those of us with disabilities and pre-existing conditions. People (like me/in the disability community) rely on Medicaid for our health and independence, and converting Medicaid to a per capita cap system would be detrimental to people with disabilities in (state). If this bill is passed, I risk losing access to services that I rely on to live in my community. This is unacceptable. This is an extremely important issue to the disability community, and we are following the Senator’s actions closely. I hope we can count on the Senator to do what’s right for people with disabilities in (state) and around the country!”

It is imperative that you call now, and then do it again tomorrow, and every day after that while this legislation is still active! The entire Disability Community is depending on you to make these calls and stop this legislation from moving forward.