National Call-In Day on Wednesday, November 29

National Call-In Day on Wednesday, November 29

Stop the #TaxOnDisability

The individual mandate, tax credits, and medical deductions make the lives of disabled Americans easier.

The GOP wants to end them.

If the GOP Senate manages to eliminate the individual mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act insurance premiums are projected to increase by 10% on average and an estimated 13 million people will lose health insurance. Worse yet, the tax bill raises the deficit by $1.5 trillion. Not only will this destabilize the marketplace, it will also throw people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions into the deep end of “high risk pools” which will, by all accounts, CHARGE CONSUMERS MORE FOR LESS COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE.

When combined with the tax legislation proposed by the House of Representatives, the proposed bills also threaten to harm disabled Americans in other dangerous and sneaky ways.

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