The Mission of NWVCIL is to educate and empower communities and people with disabilities so everyone has equal opportunity and freedom of choice

What is a Center for Independent Living?

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) provide independent living services for people with disabilities for people with all types of disabilities. CILs work to support community living and independence for people with disabilities across the nation based on the belief that all people can live with dignity, make their own choices, and participate fully in society. These programs provide tools, resources, and supports for integrating people with disabilities fully into their communities to promote equal opportunities, self-determination, and respect through the programs listed below, as well as other activities.


Learn more about Advocacy

Peer Support

Learn more about Peer Support

Skills Training

Learn more about Skills Training.

Information and Referral

Learn more about Information & Referral


Learn more about Transition.

Independence is possible

You can help West Virginians with disabilities achieve the freedom that all Mountaineers deserve.  Your donation can provide assistance in the form of assistive technology, ramps, skills training, generally at no cost to the individual.  Mountaineers are always free!

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